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Family Dentist Kenosha WIIf you or someone you know is pregnant, you have probably heard this line or said it yourself, “I am eating for two”. That is why it’s important to monitor oral health during pregnancy—it’s dental care for two. As a family dentist in Kenosha, Dr. Todd Armstrong is giving some helpful facts for women who are expecting.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

During your pregnancy, your levels of progesterone will most likely rise, increasing your risk of developing gingivitis. It’s because the body exaggerates its response to plaque bacteria. Some symptoms of pregnancy gingivitis include:
  • Sore, inflamed gums
  • Possible bleeding
  • Chronic bad breath
If gingivitis isn’t taken care of, you can develop periodontal disease—it causes much more damage than gingivitis, such as tooth loss. And strict oral hygiene regiment doesn’t mean you can’t develop gingivitis. Make sure to see your Kenosha dentist to help you monitor your teeth and gums.

Keep Your Dentist Informed

It’s very important to let your family and cosmetic dentist in Kenosha know you are pregnant. During your first trimester, your baby’s body is in the process of developing major organs. A routine cleaning is fine during this time, but other dental treatments may need to be postponed until the post-pregnancy stage. It’s best to check with Dr. Armstrong to know whether to proceed with a dental treatment.
Plus, Dr. Armstrong wants to go over proper oral hygiene tips to help promote healthy teeth and gums during pregnancy. A routine exam and cleaning are okay during pregnancy, so practice better oral hygiene and trust your Kenosha dentist to care for your teeth while you care for your bundle of joy.
Do you have any questions regarding your pregnancy and oral health? Let us know in the comments! We are happy to help you during this new adventure in your life.