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By Dr. Todd A. Armstrong
September 25, 2018
Category: Dentist
Tags: Dental Fillings   Caries   Cavities  

Taking charge of your personal health is important, and your dental health is no exception. Your dentist in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Dr. Todd CariesArmstrong, is committed to educating his patients on all aspects of their oral health, and that includes knowing the causes of cavities, how to prevent them, and how to recognize the signs that one is forming.


You may need a filling if you've noticed a discoloration that has formed on one of your teeth. These spots, which vary in size, may be brown or dark gray in color and can develop anywhere on a tooth, although the "pits" of the molars are the most common area. However, it's important to keep in mind that many cavities develop in between or behind teeth, making them nearly impossible to detect without an X-ray. That's why it's so important to stay current on your checkups with Dr. Armstrong.


Cavities that form on the surface of the teeth don't typically cause any physical symptoms, but as they grow, you may start to notice a tingling sensation when you eat or drink foods that are hot or cold, such as soup or ice cream. This symptom indicates that a filling is definitely needed in order to stop the decay from spreading further.


Small cavities aren't usually painful, but larger areas of decay may begin to infiltrate the inner areas of the tooth, which contain nerves and tissues that respond to the changes with pain. For situations like this, your Kenosha dentist may need to treat the tooth with a root canal and crown, as the decay may be too extensive to adequately repair with a filling.

If you've been experiencing the signs of a cavity, or you simply need to make an appointment with Dr. Armstrong, contact our dental office in Kenosha, Wisconsin to schedule!