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Posts for: January, 2015

By Todd A. Armstrong D.D.S., S.C.
January 27, 2015
Category: Oral Health

Dental DisastersWhether it's tongue studs or lip piercings, jewelry in the mouth has become popular with many young people today who like the look of oral modifications such as those previously mentioned, among others.

But Todd A. Armstrong, D.D.S., S.C., in Kenosha, WI, says there are some safety concerns brewing from this popular trend. In fact, a mouth that isn't properly cared for after oral jewelry is implemented can lead to some pretty scary consequences ranging from broken teeth to tongue swelling. Dr. Armstrong has the knowledge and experience in cosmetic dentistry necessary to help you avoid many of these potential dental disasters. Here are a few of the leading dangers of oral piercings below:

Difficulty With Oral Function

A poorly-placed cosmetic piercing can lead to trouble swallowing or even tasting, making food and even regular conversation difficult to enjoy.

Possibility Of Choking

If a piece of oral jewelry becomes dislodged, there is a possibility of choking. If this happens while you're asleep, well - the end result could be rather dire.

Soft Tissue Damage

An unspoken of but equally dangerous consequence of bad oral piercings is damage to the soft tissues inside the oral cavity. Whether it's the insides of your cheeks, your gums, or your palate, all of these tissues are at risk when you've got a faulty piercing that drags on your mouth day after day.


Any kind of piercing that isn't performed by following sterile protocols puts you at risk for some serious infectious diseases, including those as deadly as HIV and hepatitis.

Blocked Airways

One of the most common types of oral piercings, tongue piercings, can lead to a swollen tongue - which leads to blocked airways, an obvious problem.


Tongue piercings are also infamous for putting patients at risk for uncontrolled bleeding.

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