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By Dr. Todd A. Armstrong
September 25, 2018
Category: Dentist
Tags: Dental Fillings   Caries   Cavities  

Taking charge of your personal health is important, and your dental health is no exception. Your dentist in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Dr. Todd CariesArmstrong, is committed to educating his patients on all aspects of their oral health, and that includes knowing the causes of cavities, how to prevent them, and how to recognize the signs that one is forming.


You may need a filling if you've noticed a discoloration that has formed on one of your teeth. These spots, which vary in size, may be brown or dark gray in color and can develop anywhere on a tooth, although the "pits" of the molars are the most common area. However, it's important to keep in mind that many cavities develop in between or behind teeth, making them nearly impossible to detect without an X-ray. That's why it's so important to stay current on your checkups with Dr. Armstrong.


Cavities that form on the surface of the teeth don't typically cause any physical symptoms, but as they grow, you may start to notice a tingling sensation when you eat or drink foods that are hot or cold, such as soup or ice cream. This symptom indicates that a filling is definitely needed in order to stop the decay from spreading further.


Small cavities aren't usually painful, but larger areas of decay may begin to infiltrate the inner areas of the tooth, which contain nerves and tissues that respond to the changes with pain. For situations like this, your Kenosha dentist may need to treat the tooth with a root canal and crown, as the decay may be too extensive to adequately repair with a filling.

If you've been experiencing the signs of a cavity, or you simply need to make an appointment with Dr. Armstrong, contact our dental office in Kenosha, Wisconsin to schedule!

By Dr. Todd A. Armstrong
July 13, 2018
Category: Dentist
Tags: Root Canal  

Root Canals are essential to oral health care. Some people think they are painful, but that's just a myth. Your Kenosha, WI, dentist Dr. root canalTodd Armstrong uses root canal procedure to actually relieve pain.

What's a root canal?

When a cavity is deep enough to infiltrate the enamel, then the dentin, it reaches the pulp, causing pain. Your Kenosha dentist will need to remove the pulp, clean and disinfect the canal from any bacteria remaining, then seal the canal to prevent bacteria from entering.

A tooth is composed of several layers:

  • The outermost layer is enamel. It's the white part of the tooth and also happens to be the strongest part.
  • The second layer, under the enamel, it is called dentin. This layer is yellowish and a bit softer.
  • The third layer of the tooth is called pulp. It consists of blood vessels and nerves.
  • The last layer is the cementum. This part anchors the whole tooth to the jawbone.

Why would I need a root canal?

One of the main reasons people end up needing a root canal is because of poor oral hygiene. If you don't brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once, then you will suffer from plaque and tartar building up.

You also need to do the following to take care of your teeth:

  • Avoid sugars. Eating sugary foods and drinks like sugary gum and soda contribute to tooth decay, but healthy foods like apples and carrots help scrape plaque off teeth
  • Visit your dentist. Visiting your doctor twice a year will help him evaluate your teeth's health and notify you if there's a problem before it becomes too severe, or too complicated.

If you have any questions or concerns about root canals, don't hesitate to call your Kenosha, WI, dentist Dr. Todd Armstrong. You can also schedule an appointment at this number: (262) 694-7672.

By Dr. Todd A. Armstrong
September 11, 2017
Category: Dentist
Tags: Veneers   cosmetic dentistry  

How porcelain veneers from your Kenosha dentist can renew your smileveneers

As you get older, you’ve probably noticed changes in your smile. If your smile has yellowed, and now looks dull and uninspiring, it’s perfectly normal. That’s because as you age, your tooth enamel becomes thinner, and the layer underneath, called dentin, can show through. The dentin is yellow, so what you now have is a yellow smile.

The good news is you can have a brighter smile! You can change your aging smile from dull to dazzling, thanks to porcelain veneers. Dr. Todd Armstrong in Kenosha, WI wants to introduce you to the magic of porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are thin laminates of high-grade porcelain which are cemented on the front surfaces of teeth, hiding many cosmetic dental issues. Porcelain reflects light, just like your natural teeth. That means with porcelain veneers your teeth will still look natural, and beautiful!

You can brighten your dull, yellow smile, giving you a dazzling, white smile. Another piece of good news is that porcelain veneers repel stains. If you smoke or drink coffee, you can still enjoy a sparkling white smile.

Age-related yellowing isn’t the only reason to choose porcelain veneers. There are many cosmetic dental issues porcelain veneers can cover up, including teeth that are:

  • Broken or damaged due to an injury
  • Worn and chipped due to aging or bad habits
  • Chipped or cracked due to an accident
  • Discolored due to medications or genetics

You can even cosmetically eliminate gaps between your teeth or overlapping teeth. Porcelain veneer treatment is the perfect choice for a special event when you want to look your best. You can have a new smile in just a couple appointments!

You don’t have to settle for a dull, uninspiring smile, thanks to porcelain veneers. Veneer treatment is appropriate for just about everyone, and maintenance of veneers is easy. For more information about porcelain veneers and other cosmetic and restorative dental treatments call Dr. Armstrong in Kenosha, WI. Get started on a more beautiful, younger-looking smile by calling today!

By Dr. Todd A. Armstrong
June 21, 2017
Category: Dentist
Tags: gum disease  

What your dentist in Kenosha wants you to knowgum disease

You may have gum disease and not even know it. You may notice slight bleeding when you brush and floss, but what’s the big deal? The truth is bleeding is an early sign of gum disease. There are other signs and symptoms of gum disease to look for too. Dr. Todd Armstrong in Kenosha, WI wants to share the facts about gum disease and what it can mean for you.

Gum disease is also called gingivitis, and it involves inflammation of your gum tissue. The inflammation is caused by toxins produced by millions of harmful bacteria in the plaque on your teeth. You may have gum disease if you notice:

  • Puffy, swollen gums
  • Red, irritated gums
  • Pain and bleeding during brushing and flossing
  • Chronic bad breath or a sour taste in your mouth

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, it’s important to act quickly. The good news is, gum disease is completely reversible if you:

  • Brush after meals and before bed
  • Floss every day
  • Visit your dentist every year for a dental exam and x-rays
  • Visit your hygienist every six months for a professional cleaning

The bad news is if you let gum disease go untreated, it can progress into periodontal disease, which involves destruction of both your gums and the supporting bone around your teeth. There is no cure for periodontal disease; it can only be managed. Once you have lost bone support around your teeth, the bone doesn’t come back. Periodontal disease often results in loose teeth or lost teeth!

If you have gum disease, professional cleanings every six months will help. If you have periodontal disease, you will need more frequent deep cleanings, usually every three to four months.

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to treating gum disease. Start on your own program of excellent oral hygiene at home and visit your dentist and hygienist regularly. Early treatment of gum disease can keep your smile healthy and beautiful. For more information about gum disease prevention and treatment, call Dr. Armstrong in Kenosha, WI today!

By Dr. Todd A. Armstrong
March 20, 2017
Category: Dentist
Tags: Veneers   cosmetic dentistry  

Veneers offer the perfect solution to a variety of cosmetic dental problems. Dr. Todd Armstrong in Kenosha, WI, explains how you can veneerschange your smile with veneers.

What are veneers?

Veneers are designed to cover cosmetic issues that affect the fronts of your teeth. The thin, tooth-shaped pieces of porcelain are cemented to your teeth, reshaping them and concealing flaws. Veneers are available in a range of shades, which means your new restoration won't stand out when you smile.

Are veneers right for me?

Kenosha residents choose veneers to address multiple cosmetic concerns, including:

  • Shape: Veneers are an excellent option if you don't like the shape of a tooth or if one or more teeth are twisted or crooked.
  • Length: Grinding and general wear and tear can eventually shorten teeth. Adding a veneer is a simple way to make teeth appear longer.
  • Chips and Cracks: Chips and cracks, no matter how small, tend to be very noticeable when you talk, smile or laugh. Veneers cover those little imperfections flawlessly.
  • Spaces: Spaces between teeth can ruin the symmetry of your smile. Adding veneers is an excellent way to close small gaps.
  • Color Changes: The color of tooth can change if you've ever had a large filling or a root canal, or if you've taken an antibiotic or other medication that can darken teeth. Veneers conceal the discoloration and improve your appearance.
  • Whitening: Are your teeth not as white as you had hoped after whitening treatment? With veneers, there are no limits. You choose the degree of whiteness you prefer. Best of all, veneers are very resistant to staining from cigarettes, coffee, tea, cola and other foods and beverages.

How tough are veneers?

They may not be very thick, but veneers are designed to last for years. You'll want to avoid opening bottles or other objects with your teeth, but normal wear and tear won't affect your veneers. If you grind your teeth at night, Dr. Armstrong may recommend that you wear a nightguard to avoid damaging your veneers.

Want to improve your appearance with veneers? Call Dr. Armstrong in Kenosha, WI, at (262) 694-7672 to make an appointment.